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"A woman can feel beautifully empowered when adorned with the right piece of jewelry.


That is my ultimate goal – to make women feel beautiful in their own bodies."


In the heart of every Judith Poe Jewelry piece lies a secret: a transformative power to enhance the wearer's beauty and empower her spirit.

"In a world dictated by fashion's caprice, choosing a piece of jewelry becomes an act of rebellion - an intimate journey into oneself, transforming a mere accessory into a conduit of personal expression and self connection."

In 2014, having spent years harnessing the power of renewable energy at the third-largest global investment bank in Manhattan, NY  - Judith felt the winds of change stirring.


Her voyage took an enchanting detour when Judith bid farewell to the sterile corridors of investment banking to pursue her passion by weaving her own unique narrative into the luminous tapestry of gems and metals.

Like a gold nugget unearthed from the rough, a dream bloomed into existence. Over seven years ago, Judith Poe Jewelry, a name synonymous with beauty and empowerment, was born.


The transition from the fast-paced world of finance to the intricate craft of jewelry design was as natural for Judith as the transformation of a diamond under pressure.



Her guiding principle is simple yet profound, rooted in the belief that jewelry serves as an extension of the wearer; Judith designs each piece with a specific intention – to empower women.

Serving as personal talismans, echoing the heart's desires - the piece provides what the wearer seeks; whether it's a sprinkle of calm and tranquility, a dash of clarity, a measure of love, or a dollop of confidence.

Her first year in the golden city of San Francisco, Judith received an invitation to the grand stage of the highly esteemed American Craft Council. The following year, she was honored with the coveted Emerging Artist Award - a shining beacon to her blooming talent.

Here, her work stood tall and proud among seasoned artisans.

Beyond designing, Judith's enthusiasm for sharing her gift has led to foster meaningful partnerships, attracting luminaries and industry leaders like Meta, Tesla, Instagram, Google, and Airbnb.

Recently, an exciting new chapter unfolded; Judith's collaboration with the Four Seasons Hotel marks a significant milestone.


Her brand was chosen as one of the ten businesses that complement the hotel's esteemed clientele. A promising partnership featuring an annual campaign, spanning print and digital landscapes, is in the works, set to launch in August 2023.

Recently, Judith's notable partnership with the Four Seasons Hotel marked another milestone. Her business shines as one of the chosen ten, mirroring the standards that the hotel cherishes for their esteemed clientele. A promising partnership, featuring an annual campaign, spanning print and digital landscapes, is in the works, set to launch in August 2023 for the Four Seasons Embarcadero and Four Seasons Market St. locations in San Francisco.

Interested in potentially partnering? We'd love to hear from you - feel free to contact us here

Learn more about Judith's creative consulting services here

Inspired by the captivating beauty of gemstones, we pride ourselves in sourcing the best materials to create sustainable designs for the modern day woman - check out our New Arrivals

Airbnb Experiences by Judith Poe

A culture of creativity is the foundation

for happier and engaging relationships.

​​​We believe that true luxury is effortless. Sophistication is sexy.

Everything is infinitely more stylish


when it's worn with


the warm confidence of a smile.

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