"A woman can feel beautifully empowered when adorned with the right piece of jewelry. And that is my ultimate goal – to make women feel beautiful in their own bodies." - Judith Poe

Judith Poe Jewelry was created for the feeling of beauty and empowerment the perfect piece of jewelry brings to the wearer.


“In a world that is always telling us how to be - to have the ability to choose a personal piece that speaks to you makes jewelry more than just fashion.”


Judith's organic beginning started just 4 years ago after taking a jewelry class; she then started redesigning her own jewelry and posting her creations on social media. The feedback was phenomenal, and soon, word starting spreading and orders started streaming in.


The jewelry studio is located in the world renowned design district of San Francisco.

Our in-house team includes GIA certified gemstone specialists, refinishing and polishing gold and platinum-smiths - all with over 40 years of experience


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The talent behind the vision.

Del Barton


Los Angeles, CA

Ariana Sage Bradley


Los Angeles, CA

Neil Gandhi


Austin, TX

Danny Ho


Houston, TX

Mark Chua


Bay Area